Avec Rent a Car, Paşalı Group's second investment in the automotive sector after Avek Otomotiv, entered the Daily Car Rental sector in 2016 with the mission of "Always creating high customer satisfaction". Avec Rent A Car is a leading company that offers customized car rental solutions to its customers with its experience in the sector since 2016 and customer-oriented service approach. Avec Rent A Car, which has branches all around Turkey, offers solutions for all your car rental needs with its large vehicle fleet and professional team. Avec Rent a Car, which applies Nano Silver Ion bacteria cleaning that provides antibacterial cleaning for up to 6 months to its entire vehicle fleet, also offers its customers different services that make travels more enjoyable, such as Mobile Wi-Fi and child seats.     Quality Vehicle Fleet     Avec Rent A Car is constantly updating and expanding its fleet to offer high quality vehicles to its customers. Our fleet, which has many different categories from the latest model vehicles to economy class options, offers options suitable for all kinds of budgets. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and cleaned to make your journeys enjoyable and safe.   Affordable Price Policy Avec Rent A Car offers its customers quality car rental at affordable prices. Thanks to our transparent price policy, you can rent a car without the risk of any hidden fees or extra costs. With our fast and easy online reservation system, you can rent the car you want in seconds and make the most of your time.   Customer Satisfaction Oriented Service As Avec Rent A Car, we always aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our professional and friendly team is available 24/7 to provide you with the best service. We are always at your side for your questions and problems and we strive to provide solutions as soon as possible.   Fast and Easy Reservation Car rental transactions are now much easier with Avec Rent A Car. You can quickly make a reservation after selecting the car you want on our website and specifying your dates and times. Thanks to our mobile compatible website, you can easily make a reservation at any time and from any device.   Safe and Insured Car Rental We always prioritize the safety of our customers. Avec Rent A Car offers all its vehicles insured. You can use your vehicle in peace during your trip and you can be happy to know that you are safe in any adverse situation.   Travel with Avec Rent A Car Difference Offering a unique customer experience, Avec Rent A Car continues to strengthen its leading position in the sector day by day. Choose us to make your travels unforgettable with quality service, safe vehicles and affordable prices. Enjoyable and comfortable journeys await you with Avec Rent A Car difference!